So How’s The Exercise Regime Going?

Well to be frank, it’s not…

Not really a great start to my grand plan of beginning to get fit.  I have had a couple of days of higher number of steps than my standard but that’s only because of things that I’ve need to do and not because of any conscious effort to get fit.

Last Thursday I needed to visit the library at the Society of Australian Genealogists as well as attend a lecture held at their other building so I walked the distance between the two, which was approximately a 15 minute walk.  On Sunday, my son marched for his school from Martin Place to the Opera House so again it was a day of a little more walking than necessary.

The weather seemed to clear up a little today, but I had a busy morning with work than a meeting so didn’t manage to get out.  I’m very good at making excuses, aren’t I? If it is not raining tomorrow, I’ll get out there and walk.  I’m hoping for the month of April to increase my walking to at least 5,000 steps a day, still only half of what the healthy average is so that will be my goal.

I would love to hear your views on ways to keep myself motivated to at least achieve that small goal…