Sunday’s Panic Attack…

I experienced one of my infamous panic attacks driving back home from the city on Sunday night.

After spending the day in the city, I met my partner who¬†was also spending time in the city attending a workshop near the water to have a quick walk before driving home. As it was late afternoon, the wind began to pick up and I could feel myself begin to feel a shortness of breath.When I got in the car, I had some Ventolin but it didn’t seem to be easing the feelings I was having. We decided to head home and stopped to buy some water along the way. I have taken to carrying Gabatrol, a natural remedy, with me when I’m out and about as it generally works in about 10-15 mins to calm me down. As I can’t swallow tablets, I generally mix one with some water but as I had a bottle, I thought I would add two.

As I exited the Freeway to start the incline up the hill, I began to feel faint. In fact, it felt like my throat was constricting and my first thought in my panic was that I had too much Gaba. Completely irrational, mind you as you can safely take up to 8 a day but it was just my panic setting in. Once before when I had two instead of one, I felt sleepy and had a panic attack because I thought I was going to die, again very irrational.

I immediately called my partner and tried to explain what was happening while I was trying to calm myself down and control my breathing. She directed me to turn off at the next small town, so we could get out of the car and walk around.

Of course, within a minute of stopping the car and walking around, I was completely fine and after about 10 minutes we continued our drive home.

Panic attacks are scary, I hate them, I don’t understand why I keep having them. I understand that I’m being irrational and I need to calm down but at the moment I just can’t seem to prevent them happening.

I would love to hear how people deal with their panic attacks…