Fear of Dying…

During my latest travels up and down the mountains, I’ve been listening to ‘Dying’ by Cory Taylor. It’s shortlisted for this year’s Stella Prize and as I’ll shortly be joining a book club where we’re reading the books, I thought I would get a head start.

I can’t help thinking about the irony of reading a memoir on Dying as it’s one of my biggest fears. It’s interesting that I have a fear of dying before I achieve everything I would like to do but I don’t find myself REALLY working towards those goals on a day to day basis.

My Mum passed away in 2012, she was just 58 years old. I remember at the time, I was 38 and I asked myself if I died in 20 years, would I have achieved everything I wanted to and I made a vow to myself that I would make every day count. Do you think I did? Here we are over four years later, and I really haven’t ticked off anything that I wanted to achieve.