The Only Way Is Up…

Well so the song goes…  And it’s definitely true for me.

Looking at my base figures, it’s quite a daunting experience but I have a couple of years to get myself at peak fitness.

Yesterday, I told you my starting weight was 58.4kgs. This morning, I jumped on the scales and was still at the same weight.  I fluctuate between 58.4 and 58.8.  To most people this probably seems like a perfectly healthy weight but for me, it’s not.  To put it into context I’m just on 151 centimetres tall and 16 years ago when my son was born, at full term I weighed 51.7kgs.  So to be nearly 7 kgs heavier than that is an issue for me.  Granted I was probably underweight prior to falling pregnant, to get back to 50kgs would make me feel a lot better about myself.

On my phone, I look at the Activity app and under ‘Steps’ I see my average for the month of March is just on 1,900 steps.  With a recommended 10,000 steps for the average Australian, I am embarrassingly below average. I’m assuming to complete my goal, I’m going to have to not only walk the average, but smash through it.  A daunting task but good to know where I’m starting from.

Living in the Blue Mountains, there are a lot of walks I can go on and I will eventually work my way up to bushwalking.  For now, I’m going to focus on walking most days.  I travel down to Sydney 3-4 times a week but the days I don’t, I will vow to go for a walk once a day, if not twice. It might not seem a lot, but I have to start somewhere and if I make promises of grandeur, I know I will burn out. You have to remember, even though I am very busy, I generally have a very stagnant lifestyle as is noticed by my step average.


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